Who We Are

Our mission is to successfully help our users save energy in their households with the convenience of saving money and contributing to the health of the environment!

Federico Vazquez

I am Federico Vazquez and I am the founder of ENVRO+. I created this app for users to have an easier way to save energy and reduce costly monthly bills.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, many families have been using much more energy in their households than they imagined during lockdown. Many families’ electricity and gas bills were rising and could not find ways in which they could save money and energy.

With the invention of my app, ENVRO+, families can now track how much energy they use and how much money they spend on it and find various ways in which they can save using the app. The app alerts using when energy consumption is too high and it gives tips on how to minimize usage while also helping for the benefit of the environment.

Who We Serve

We are dedicated to serve families and individuals with households in the Tri-State Area. We strive to help families and individuals who are willing to contribute to the environment for the long-term.

  • Because of the fast-paced nature of society, people do not realize how much their everyday actions can affect the environment.
  • When the COVID pandemic began, more people had to stay home, and relied more on energy in their households.
  • As people used more energy, their energy bills increased, and people used up energy much faster than it could be reproduced.
    • According to the EPA, of the total energy used in the US, 40% is used to generate electricity.

ENVRO+ helps people be more mindful of the energy that they use, allowing the app to help both the environment and personal well-being.

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