The Most Effective Energy Consumption App in the World

Using the ease of a mobile device, ENVRO+ is an application that tracks household energy use. The software projects energy use minute by minute using algorithms that analyze user-inputted data. When energy use is excessive, the app warns users and offers advice on how to reduce consumption. The app is useful for assisting people in saving money, acting more sustainably for the benefit of the environment, and conserving energy.

Easy to Use

  • Requires minimal information inputted by the consumer when calculating projections of household energy usage based on the this data.

Great Software

  • Tracks the household’s changes in habits and energy usage, minute by minute to give accurate and efficient tips.

Many Features

  • Takes many factors into account; season, number of household members, and household size. 


Bluetooth Makes Everything Better!

Make it easier to track your consumption by using our Bluetooth technology to connect with your household appliances so that you can receive minute to minute updates


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